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Society with Additional Responsibility "Konus Electro" makes electroplaits and conducting for an autotractor electric equipment since 2001.

"Konus Electro" offers individual, small-scale both a batch production and deliveries of electroplaits and wires for the technics let out by your enterprise and the equipment.

We well know our segment of the market and we have the right to assert, that a spectrum of the services rendered by our enterprise, anybody cannot offer you.
In 2004 our enterprise introduces the new technical decisions, allowed to execute as the requirement of the standard of plaits and wires, and special requirements of the customer.
Stable high quality of plaits serially let out by our enterprise and wires is confirmed by certificate ISO9001, absence of claims, as during warranty service, and the subsequent operation from our customers.

If you will be interested by our offer:
• technologists "Konus Electro" will familiarise with technics let out by your enterprise, the design documentation on plaits of wires. On plaits and wires you can direct the design documentation to us by POST to the address: Belarus 220021, Minsk, а/я 18 or on ours E-mail: ;
• within 2-3 days after reception from you to the design documentation we will give to you on the coordination of the price, the offer on optimisation of a design of plaits and wires;
• if you accept quality of plaits and a price level we will make plaits of wires under your order within 7-20 days after contract signing.
At will of the Customer "Konus Electro" will spend designing and manufacturing of pre-production models of plaits and wires of the European level.

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Contact phones office in Minsk:
tel.-fax. (+37517)3446653.

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